[2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (2024)

For ice hockey fans, knowing the schedule and the NHL channels on which games will be broadcast is also an important part of watching sports. With the number and type of programs airing NHL games available on the different channels and platforms, it may be taxing to keep track. This specialized guide will take you through a full hockey season, explaining the NHL playoff channels, weekly timetables, and how to use HitPaw Video Converter to download and watch the NHL at the most convenient time.

What Channel is The NHL Playoffs?

It helps to find out where to turn to catch the playoffs of the NHL to avoid failure to capture certain moments on the ice. Most games attract viewership from big companies like NBC, ESPN, and ABC, who always purchase broadcasting rights. However, more options can be obtained by watching playoff coverage on regional sports networks like Fox Sports and local stations. Here's a comparison of the most common NHL playoffs channels broadcasting:

  • 1. NBC Sports:More often used by the fans of NHL teams, during the playoffs particularly. Provides broad ideas and detailed explanations or examples. They air several games weekly, so their fans have all the important games to watch.
  • 2. ESPN:Currently acquired rights of the NHL broadcasts that ensure the expansion of the playoffs.
  • 3. ABC:Apart from that, it also airs some crucial playoff games in any sports event.
  • 4. Sportsnet:As the best suited for the Canadian audience, the station gives good playoff coverage.
  • 5. TNT/TBS:A relatively new player, especially to NHL broadcasting, though highly rated due to quality provision.

What Channel is NHL on Tonight

The schedule of the NHL is different for the different channels, especially depending on the number and type of games played during the week. For instance, Monday's games can be on NBC Sports and ESPN, while weekends may be on ABC, TNT, etc. One is familiar with the channel to tune to every time one is airing by insisting on checking the weekly schedule several. Here's a typical weekly schedule:

  • Monday: ESPN - fast-paced and highly informed commentators involved.
  • Tuesday: NBC Sports - Early match analytical information and broadcasts and their interpretation after the end of the game.
  • Wednesday: TNT - Including the other prominent basketball games of the week.
  • Thursday: Sportsnet, however, offers extensive coverage, especially to the Canadian audience.
  • Friday: NHL Network - Providing only the NHL games and detailed players' information.
  • Saturday: ABC - Used when there is a build-up for a particular game, such as a highly anticipated game.
  • Sunday: Hulu - Platforms for watching it according to everybody's convenience.

This schedule can help fans plan their week around the most exciting NHL games.

[Recommend] Download Games on the NHL Channel

Introduction to HitPaw Video Converter

Did you miss a game? The HitPaw Video Converter is the best tool for downloading NHL games at your convenience. For instance, the HitPaw Video Converter can easily download missed matches or favorite moments because of the platform's bright design. This is a tool that no NHL fan will ever find useless: the speed at which the downloads are made and the compatibility of the files with any format.

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • High-Quality Downloads: To ensure each save is in its optimum condition.
  • Various Formats: It comes in different formats that can fit the other devices as downloads.
  • Fast Conversion Speeds: Take your time before you are ready with your videos.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Very easy to use, though bearing in mind that it has been developed for even fresher in the relevant field.
  • Subtitle Support: Therefore, games should be downloaded that include subtitles to benefit from the extended reception.

Steps of Downloading NHL Games with HitPaw Video Converter

  • 1. Download and Install HitPaw Video Converter:Go to the HitPaw website and follow the steps to download and install the HitPaw video converter.

  • 2. Open the Software:To download the NHL game, find the game link you want to download. Right-click on it and copy its link.

    [2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (5)
  • 3. Paste the Video URL: Paste the copied link in the HitPaw video converter and analyze the game.

    [2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (6)
  • 4. Choose Output Format and Quality:Make sure you determine the format of the videos and the required resolution to acquire the right videos.

    [2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (7)
  • 5. Start the Download Process:Below that, in the right corner, you will find the 'Download' button in case the web after that is gone. When the software opens up, it will initiate downloading the game since it is a program.

    [2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (8)
  • 6. Enjoy Your Downloaded Video:You can now use this downloaded video and watch it any time.

    [2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (9)


Don't let that happen to you, and ensure you do not miss any NHL games again. Thus, you will not miss a single exciting moment from your NHL matches by getting to know the most popular NHL channels and using, for example, the HitPaw Video Converter. Specifically, through the use of HitPaw Video Converter, one can easily download and enjoy the games at his or her own time, making it a very powerful tool that should be in the possession of any and every NHL fan.


Q1. Can I download NHL games in HD using HitPaw Video Converter?

A1. Users can download high-definition NHL games using the HitPaw Video Converter. It is also good to ensure you choose the high-definition button in the quality preferences before downloading the best-quality videos.

Q2. Is the HitPaw Video Converter compatible with both Mac and Windows?

A2. The HitPaw Video Converter can be easily downloaded and installed on laptops and personal computers with Windows and MAC OS. To download and convert the NHL games most efficiently, you can tender with the installation guidelines concerning the various operating systems on the HitPaw official website.

Q3. Are there any subscription fees for using HitPaw Video Converter?

A3. HitPaw Video Converter is a simple version that can be downloaded for free and a pro version that can be purchased. The primary version is very basic, where users cannot download videos of any quality across all formats. In contrast, the paid version provides the complete features of downloading full-quality videos across all formats in less time.

Q4. Can I download NHL games with subtitles using HitPaw Video Converter?

A4. Yes, using the HitPaw Video Converter will enable you to download NHL games in a language of your choice with subtitles. So, you must do something other than ensure you are in the download options, look for the subtitles, and activate it.

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[2024] Explore Most Commonly Used NHL Channel (2024)
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