Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (2024)

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (1)


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I was looking for a good use for the box of garden potatoes from my brother-in-law. This was an excellent recipe for the fingerling potatoes! I roasted the onions 15 minutes and cut a whole medium zucchini into quarter slices and roasted those for 3 minutes. Skipped the added oil to make this low fat (just sprayed the veggies with oil) and added less salt as the mustard is already salty. The bite of Tabasco was a nice touch. The tarragon was too overwhelming for hubby, so will try other herbs such as rosemary or basil next time. It was even better the day after.

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I also used rosemary instead of tarragon, and regular dijon as opposed to stone ground. I can't get frozen corn in my country, so have to use canned, and think next time I won't roast the corn in the oven as it tended to stick to our teeth!

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This definately has potential, but the tarragon was too overwhelming; I guess you really have to be a tarragon lover. I would make again, but maybe with rosemary or basil like others suggested.

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A really great salad that is quite different from most potato salads you'll find. Love that it's vegan and made with wholesome ingredients. Might not please people expecting a mayo-laden potato salad but definitely fresh and delicious flavors for summer.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (5)


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I discovered this after an indulgent trip to the farmer's market last summer. Perfect! Exactly what you want to eat. I've sworn off mayonaise salads since (and I'm a girl who likes her mayonaise)

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (6)


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This was the first tme I used tarragon and I LOVE it and it is exceptionally good on veggies. I made the recipe using regular white, Idaho, potatoes and accidently left out the tabasco. I love to grill in the summer and I love grilling veggies, so instead of baking them I did exactly as the recipe says but cooked them on the grill.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (7)


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De-licious! I made a few changes based on what I had on hand. I used fresh rosemary instead of tarragon and used a combination of dijon mustard and stone ground mustard. I didn't have fresh corn so I used frozen (thawed) and added at the end of cooking the veggies b/c I was afraid it would burn in the oven. I also added red bell pepper instead of tomatoes b/c my hubby isn't big on tomatoes. Next time I will add more veggies. Definitely a keeper!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (8)


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My family loves this salad and we use it as a main dish. We don't really care for tarragon, but have found thyme to be a good substitute. Many reviewers mention subbing basil so I will try that next time!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (9)


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So delicious! I used red potatoes and added 2 sliced red chiles from the garden for spice. Served cold alongside grilled coho salmon and garlic naan.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (10)


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This is a wonderful MEAL for summertime. Everyone enjoyed all the variety of veges in the dish. Very nice!!!!!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (11)


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I made this as written, except I used baby Yukon Gold potatoes because my store didn't have fingerlings that day. I was afraid the tarragon might be too strong, but it wasn't at all and I will actually use more of it when I make this again. Next time, I will also cut the zucchini into half-moon slices rather than diced. I diced it pretty small but it seems to get too lost in the other flavors. The mustard flavor in the dressing comes through very strong, though I did use a pretty strong mustard, so cut back if you're not crazy about mustard. I personally really liked this dish and will make it again. It made a great side dish with baked chicken thighs and was good both room temp and cold. I actually think I prefer it cold because the flavors all meld together more.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (12)


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This salad is very good. I substituted basil for the tarragon but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Served alongside grilled fish. I will make this salad again--it's hearty and makes great use of farmers' market vegetables.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (13)


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This salad was a hit 2 days in a row! First day I made it for a group of friends and they were grateful for the non mayo option. Second day added celery to the zucc and onion and got compliments around the table. Awesome and tasty alternative for friends and fam with dairy sensitivity.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (14)


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Absolutely LOVED this recipe. Followed some others' advice and cooked the corn for less time. The tarragon flavor was terrific. Didn't use fingerlings since they were way too expensive and substituted small red potatoes. Served with grilled balsamic flank steak and it was such a big hit we both had seconds of the salad. Will try the leftovers today with turkey burgers.

Rating: 4 stars


I substituted a cup of frozen corn since I was in a hurry. After 25 minutes in the oven the potatoes were done and 1/2 of the corn was burnt. Not sure if that's due to the fact that the corn was frozen but next time I will reduce the cooking time. Also, my potatoes and corn stuck to my pan so I'll use some non-stick spray. But minus the burnt corn, this was very good. Took it to a dinner party and everyone really liked it. I used dried tarragon which worked just fine. Next time I make it I think I'll add a little more onion and zucchini. But overall I really liked this recipe.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (16)


Rating: 2 stars


I am giving this recipe two stars for 'has potential' because I did not like the strong tarragon flavor. I took this to a potluck and some people liked it but many didn't. I think if I subbed basil for the tarragon that this would be outstanding because all of the other ingredients were great. I might try balsamic vinegar in place of the cider vinegar, too.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (17)


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Absolutely delicious! I made a few changes: I added the onion to the potatoes for roasting as well as some whole garlic cloves that had been peeled. I didn't add the corn until about half way through the roasting because I didn't want it to get over cooked--this worked perfectly (any more time in the oven and the kernels were about to start popping!). I couldn't find fingerlings but got a great mix of small potatoes that were yellow and purple. Also, I don't like buying tarragon because I can never use it all before it goes bad so I used basil instead. The combination of the sweet roasted vegetables and the fresh flavors of the sauce was fantastic. I will be making this again and again.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (18)


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I LOVE this potato salad. We use red potatoes and substituted red or bell pepper for the zucchini. I believe the fresh tarragon makes all the difference. A welcome change from traditional mayo based potato salad. I like the sweetness from the roasted corn, but some may prefer to cook the corn for less time.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (19)


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Yummy! Very easy to make. I personally will cook the corn for less time. I didn't have fingerling potatoes so I substituted red. I also didn't have fresh tarragon and used dried. It was a big hit with the entire family including a teenager.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (20)


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Mmmmm... my husband and I loved this one! I made it according to the recipe except that I used baby Yukon Gold potatoes (my market had no fingerling potatoes). Especially loved the tarragon in the dressing and the colorful appearance. The only thing I would do differently next time is cook the corn for less time... mine turned out overdone and chewy. Otherwise, this is a great recipe!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (21)


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Delicious! The tarragon in the dressing is just fabulous. This potato salad does take a little more effort than most, though, with the roasting, sauteeing, etc. While I loved this salad, I don't think it was appreciated at the picnic to which I took it. They were more of a traditional mayo salad kind of crowd. If you're crowd will appreciate a potato salad that's a little out of the ordinary, this is definitely worth the effort.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (22)


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Love this recipe!!! I substituted edamame for the zucchini and it turned out great. Even my picky eater ate three helpings and my double recipe was completely eaten.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (23)


Rating: 5 stars


Absolutely loved this recipe. I couldn't find fingerlings, so I used red potatoes, and it was still delicious. The mustard was a bit stronger than I'd prefer, so next time I'll cut down the mustard just a tad. The tarragon, roasted corn and sauteed vegetables really make this flavorful. I can't think of a potato salad I've liked more. It was so good, we ended up eating it as a main dish!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (24)


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Outstanding. This is a keeper and we did not change a thing. Would be great to add grilled chicken to make it a main meal.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (25)

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Rating: 5 stars


This recipe was a huge hit! I used a grainy non-Dijon mustard and julienned the zucchini for extra deliciousness. It is truly the best potato salad I've ever had, hands down. Delicious both hot and cold!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (26)


Rating: 5 stars


A great potato salad. The tarragon adds a lot. I added a bit of mayo to make the dressing creamier, and it turned out perfect.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (27)


Rating: 5 stars


Just finished making this and trying it. Delicious!! It was very easy to make and came out great. Like the previous poster said, some of the corn kernels did burn but that didn't bother me one bit or ruin the dish. Definitely making this all Summer!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (28)


Rating: 5 stars


This was delicious. I served it with grilled flank steak and we loved it. It will be even better in the summer with homegrown tomatoes and zucchini.

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (29)


Rating: 5 stars


This dish was absolutely phenomenal! The recipe gets high marks for being a vegan offering & also great in terms of preparation. Even a beginning chef should have more than enough time to complete each of the cooking steps involved here. The fresh chopped tarragon & whole grain dijon mustard provided for outstanding layers of flavor. Note: keep in mind that considering the baking time (30 minutes), you do run the risk of burning the fresh corn kernels. If this happens, don't worry...some of those who enjoyed this with me said they think they would prefer the kernels slightly burned next time too! ;) Bon Appétit!

Farmers' Market Potato Salad Recipe (2024)


How much does 20 pounds of potato salad feed? ›

For 50 people, I would make 20 pounds of potatoes with four onions diced, and a quart of mayonnaise. I also include a dozen diced boiled eggs.

Why don't you peel potatoes for potato salad? ›

There's no reason at all, so my advice is to leave the skins on. The skin on a potato adds a nice texture and flavor to the potato salad and it's also the healthiest part.

Why does my potato salad taste so bland? ›

If it's a potato salad, be sure to let the potatoes cool (the starch cells close up) before adding any dressing or salad mixture. Warm potatoes will soak up the liquids. Taste an hour after mixing and see if the spices need tweaking. Mashed potatoes do the same thing if you add in the garlic or cheddar cheese too soon.

How to keep potatoes from falling apart when making potato salad? ›

Don't Undercook (or Overcook) the Potatoes

Poke them with a fork after the water has boiled for 5 minutes (or, if steaming, after 15 minutes). Don't wait until they fall apart when pierced with a fork.

How many pounds of potatoes do I need for 25 people? ›

How Much Food to Serve at a Party
Peas (fresh)12 pounds25 pounds
Potatoes9 pounds18 pounds
Potato salad3 quarts1–1/2 gallons
35 more rows
Apr 1, 2024

How many people can 10 pounds of potatoes feed? ›

10 lbs is enough mashed potatoes for around 8 adults getting reasonably sized servings (ie large).

Is it better to boil potatoes whole or cut up for potato salad? ›

Waxy potatoes can be cooked whole or cut, with or without the skin. Starchy potatoes should be cooked whole with the skin on, then peeled and cut after they're cooked. Select medium Russet potatoes, not large ones, to ensure the skin doesn't split while cooking.

How long should potatoes boil for? ›

In general small or cubed potatoes will take about 10 to 15 minutes to boil, while larger, whole potatoes will take between 20 to 25 minutes. To check potatoes for doneness, insert a knife into one. If it slides in without much effort, you're good to go!

Is it better to boil potatoes whole or cut up? ›

Larger potatoes should be cubed to ensure they cook evenly (peeled first if desired). Smaller potatoes tend to have thin skins and can be boiled whole, no peeling required.

What if I put too much mayo in my potato salad? ›

If you have added too much mayo to your potato salad, you can fix it by adding more of the other ingredients to balance out the flavor. You can add more boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, diced pickles, onions, celery, or mustard.

Should potatoes be cool before adding mayonnaise? ›

Some people say potato salad tastes better the next day. Even if you're not in that camp, you need to allow about one hour for the potatoes to cool before adding the mayonnaise.

What if I put too much vinegar in my potato salad? ›

As Wiggly Wisdom shares, a vinegary potato salad can easily be salvaged with a bit of lemon zest. Just take a fine grater or zester to the rind, measure out about a half teaspoon of zest per two cups of potato salad, and mix it in. Orange and lime also work if you don't have any lemon on hand.

Which type of potato is best for potato salad? ›

Waxy potatoes are generally considered the best for classic potato salad because they retain their shape, you don't have to peel them, and they have a smooth texture. People who prefer a creamy potato salad that soaks up dressing like a sponge, though, opt for a starchy potato.

Should I cut potatoes before boiling for potato salad? ›

Dice unpeeled potatoes into uniformly-sized pieces. Place in cold water, bring to a boil, then simmer until tender.

How many pounds of potatoes feed 50 people? ›

Estimating the Quantity of Potatoes Needed

Taking into account that each pound of potatoes yields around two cups of mashed potatoes, you can estimate that you will need about 25 pounds of potatoes for 50 people. It's always better to have a little extra, so consider adding a few additional pounds to your total.

How many pounds of potatoes to feed 40 people? ›

Plan on 1/3 to 1/2 pound potatoes per person for your feast.

How many pounds of potatoes do I need for 100 people? ›

100, 1/2 cup servings of potatoes needs 25 pounds of potatoes. However, if the group has other choices for sides, I think you can get by with about 15-20 pounds minimum.

How many pounds of potatoes feeds 30 people? ›

On average, potatoes lose about 25% of their weight during the peeling and cooking process. So, if you start with 10 pounds of potatoes, you'll end up with approximately 7.5 pounds of cooked potatoes. Based on this calculation, you have enough cooked potatoes to serve 30 people.

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