Minnesota (MN) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers (2024)

Minnesota Lottery Games

Founded in April 1990, the Minnesota Lottery offers a selection of multi-jurisdictional and locally run games, including opportunities to win significant sums of money every day.

Revenue from the Minnesota Lottery goes to the State General Fund, which is then put towards education, public safety and health & human services programs.


Powerball is a world-famous lottery renowned for its long odds and often lucrative jackpots.

Powerball tickets cost $2.00, with players choosing five numbers between 1 and 69 plus a Powerball number between 1 and 26. Players can choose their numbers manually or go for a Quick Pick. A Power Play option is also available, costing $1.00 for the chance to multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is another world-renowned lottery that is even harder to win than Powerball, but with a very similar format.

As with Powerball, tickets cost $2.00.

Players must choose five numbers between 1 and 70 and a Mega Ball number between 1 and 25, with Quick Pick also being available for those wishing to play with random selections. Mega Millions has an additional Megaplier option for $1.00, for the chance to multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times.

Lotto America

Lotto America is a popular multi-jurisdictional game available in 13 states.

Entry costs $1.00, with players choosing five numbers from 1 to 52 and a Star Ball from 1 to 10, with Quick Picks also being available for random selections.

For an additional $1.00, players can add the All-Star Bonus Multiplier to boost non-jackpot prizes by up to five times.

Gopher 5

Gopher 5 is a straightforward lottery game that costs just $1.00 to enter.

Participants choose five numbers from 1 to 47 or can go for a Quick Pick for random selections.

Northstar Cash

Northstar Cash is another straightforward lottery game that costs just $1.00 to enter, but with more frequent draws and better winning odds than Gopher 5.

Players choose five numbers from 1 to 31 or can go for a Quick Pick for random selections.

Daily 3

Daily 3 is a Pick 3 game with multiple entry options. Stakes are available in increments of $0.50, ranging from $0.50 to $5.00.

Players must choose three numbers from 0 to 9, and because each number is chosen independently, the same number can be chosen repeatedly if desired. Participants then choose whether to bet on matching their numbers in the order drawn, in any order, or to split their stake equally between both options.

Participants can also wager against matching the first or final pairs of numbers drawn, or the first number drawn only.

Minnesota Lottery Game Schedule

The table below provides an overview of the schedule for each Minnesota lottery game.

Mega Millions 22:00 22:00
Powerball 22:00 22:00 22:00
Lotto America 22:00 22:00
Gopher 5 18:17 18:17 18:17
Northstar Cash 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17
Daily 3 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17 18:17

Minnesota Lottery Odds and Jackpots

Although Daily 3 has the best odds, the most lucrative jackpots can be obtained through Mega Millions and Powerball. Although Lotto America has a modest starting jackpot for its relatively high odds, rollovers and significantly higher jackpots are common occurrences.

Lottery Game Winning Odds Minimum Jackpot
Mega Millions 1 in 302,575,350 $40 million
Powerball 1 in 292,201,338 $40 million
Lotto America 1 in 25,989,600 $2 million
Gopher 5 1 in 1,533,939 $100,000
Northstar Cash 1 in 169,911 $25,000
Daily 3 1 in 1,000 $500

Minnesota Lottery Advance Play Options

All Minnesota Lottery games have Advance Play options, with the number of draws that can be entered at once being highlighted in the below table.

Lottery Game No. of Advance Draws Players Can Enter
Powerball Up to 14
Mega Millions Up to 14
Lotto America Up to 14
Northstar Cash Up to 14
Daily 3 Up to 14
Gopher 5 Up to 14

Minnesota Lottery Scratch-Offs

Known as Scratch Games in Minnesota, scratch-offs can pay out multiple prizes, with jackpots typically being proportional to the cost of the scratch-off itself.

Minnesota Lottery scratch-offs range inprice from $1.00 to $50, with jackpots ranging from $500 to $500,000!

Lower-priced games have winning odds of around 1 in 4, with the more lucrative games having winning odds of around 1 in 3.

Detailed information about scratch-offs, prize tiers, payouts and odds is available on the official Minnesota Lottery website .

Minnesota Lottery Tax Information

The tables below highlight taxes payable on Minnesota Lottery prizes.

Minnesota Lottery Taxes for U.S. citizens and residents amount to 31.25% on prizes over $5,000, as detailed below.

Prize Value Tax Percentage
Over $5,000 State Taxes 7.25%
Federal Taxes 24%

Minnesota Lottery Taxes for non-U.S. citizens or non-residents amount to 37.25% on all prizes over $5,000, as detailed below.

Prize Value Tax Percentage
Over $5,000 State Taxes 7.25%
Federal Taxes 30%

How to Claim Minnesota Lottery Payouts

There are multiple ways that winnings can be collected in Minnesota.

Prizes of $599 or less can be claimed:

  • At Minnesota Lottery retailers
  • By mail

Players are advised to check that their chosen retailer has enough cash on hand to pay the prize, before traveling to the payout location.

Prizes between $600 and $50,000 can be claimed:

  • At Minnesota Lottery regional offices
  • At Minnesota Lottery headquarters
  • By mail

Prizes exceeding $50,000 must be claimed in person at the Minnesota Lottery office.

All claims for prizes made by mail and for those exceeding $600 must include the signed winning lottery ticket and a completed Claim Form .

How to Contact the Minnesota Lottery

Operator Games Official Website Main Address Local Tel. No.
Minnesota Lottery Powerball
Mega Millions
Lotto America
Northstar Cash
Gopher 5
Daily 3
https://www.mnlottery.com/ P.O. Box 131000,
MN 55113,

Which Minnesota Lottery scratch-off has the biggest jackpot?

Although the value of the most lucrative Minnesota Lottery scratch-offs change on a periodic basis, the biggest jackpot is typically around $500,000.

Can I buy Minnesota Lottery tickets online?

No, tickets are only sold at authorized Minnesota Lottery retailers.

How much tax is paid on Minnesota Lottery winnings?

Taxation on Minnesota Lottery winnings depends on residency and citizenship status.

For U.S. citizens and residents, 31.25% tax is levied on all Minnesota Lottery prizes over $5,000, of which 7.25% is state tax and 24% is federal tax.

Non-U.S. citizens or non-residents pay 37.25% tax on all prizes over $5,000, of which 7.25% is state tax and 30% is federal tax.

How do Minnesota Lottery winners get paid?

Multi-jurisdictional games have lump sum or annual payment options, while all local Minnesota Lottery games pay out as lump sums only.

How long does it take to receive Minnesota Lottery winnings?

All prizes claimed in person at Minnesota Lottery retailers, Minnesota Lottery regional offices, or at the Minnesota Lottery headquarters are paid out the same day.

All prizes claimed by mail will be processed in the order received. Although the Minnesota Lottery does not set out a specific timeline for payouts, players can expect to wait up to a month for winnings.

Minnesota (MN) Lottery Results and Winning Numbers (2024)
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