PokerGO Releases WSOP 2024 Streaming Schedule (2024)

PokerGO Releases WSOP 2024 Streaming Schedule (1)PokerGO Releases WSOP 2024 Streaming Schedule (2)

We are inching ever closer to the 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP), and a lot of exciting news is being released during the build-up stage.

In the most recent press release, PokerGO revealed its full WSOP 2024 streaming schedule, featuring more than 30 gold bracelet events, including the biggest of them all: the 2024 WSOP Main Event.

WSOP live streams will start on Friday, May 30, and will keep going until Thursday, July 17, when the Main Event final table will come to an end, with PokerGO covering a good chunk of the recently released WSOP schedule.

Throughout June and July, PokerGO will bring us the most exciting highlights of the Series, and we are guaranteed to see many of the world’s best poker players battle it out for gold bracelets in prestigious events such as the $50k Poker Players Championship, the $250k Super High Roller, and many others.

While all the streams will be available on the subscription-based PokerGO platform, select events will also be shown live on the PokerGO YouTube channel without any subscription required.

Last verified: April 2024

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Key Dates for WSOP 2024 Live Streams

For all the fans who are anxiously anticipating this year’s WSOP, PokerGO will start its live streaming schedule on May 30, with the final table of the $5k Champions Reunion, a new tournament added to this year’s WSOP schedule.

The very next day, we will get a chance to watch the best heads up players in the world play down to a winner in the $25k Heads Up Championship, one of the most prestigious WSOP events.

On June 8, PokerGO will feature another big buyin on its live stream, with the $25k No Limit Hold’em High Roller being the main event of the day, while another $25k High Roller will play down to its champion just three days later.

The high roller schedule will continue on June 16 with the final table of the $50k High Roller, before moving on to the $100k High Roller the day after, an event we will see in full, as both days will be streamed in full on the popular platform.

The streaming for the biggest event of the summer, the $250k Super High Roller, starts on Saturday, with a stacked field of the best No Limit Hold’em players in the world ready to show us what separates them from the rest.

On top of these big buyin events, PokerGO will also include the final tables of all the major Mixed Game Championship events in their schedule, culminating in the $50k Poker Players Championship, which we will have a chance to see between June 24 and 26, three full days of high-stakes 8-Game action.

For the fans who want to see some fresh faces and slightly more relatable events, plenty of low buyin WSOP tournaments will also be live-streamed, including the Millionaire Maker, Colossus, Mystery Bounty, and numerous other events.

Two Weeks of WSOP Main Event Streaming

While dozens of preliminary events being streamed on PokerGO may be appealing to the hardcore fans of the game, it is the Main Event that will appeal to the wider masses of casual poker fans and poker diehards alike.

PokerGO will make sure we don’t miss a minute of this year’s WSOP Main Event, with live streaming starting with Day 1A action on July 3 and running all the way through to the end on July 17.

The Main Event streaming will run without stops until July 15, which will give players who make the final table a single day to rest up and get ready for the biggest day of their poker careers.

If you are interested in final table action only, that starts on July 16, with the second part of the final table streamed the next day, likely with three or four players remaining.

Full WSOP 2024 PokerGO Streaming Schedule

True fans of poker and WSOP will have a great time this summer, as PokerGO shows action from over 30 WSOP events in real time.

As previously mentioned, the schedule will include a variety of events, ranging from low buyin events with thousands of runners to exclusive high roller tournaments where only a few dozen elite players will make an appearance.

To help you organize your time, we are bringing you a look at the full streaming schedule for this year’s WSOP, with the dates and time of all the events you can watch on PokerGO this year:

DATETime (PT)Event
May 305:00 PM$5k Champions Reunion
June 11:00 PM$25k Heads Up Championship
June 25:00 PM$5k Pot Limit Omaha
June 31:00 PM$500 Kickoff
June 45:00 PM$1k Mystery Million
June 55:00 PM$1.5k NLH 6-Max
June 65:00 PM$800 NLH Deepstack
June 75:00 PM$5k NLH
June 85:00 PM$25k NLH High Roller 6-Max
June 92:00 PM$1.5k NLH Shootout
June 105:00 PM$10k PLO Hi-Lo Championship
June 115:00 PM$300 Gladiators of Poker
June 115:00 PM$25k NLH High Roller
June 125:00 PM$1.5k NLH Freezeout
June 125:00 PM$10k Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Championship
June 135:00 PM$3k NLH Six-Max
June 145:00 PM$2.5k NLH Freezeout
June 145:00 PM$800 NLH Deepstack
June 155:00 PM$10k Big O Championship
June 165:00 PM$50k NLH High Roller
June 175:00 PM$1.5k NLH/PLO Double Board Bomb Pot
June 171:00 PM$10k Stud Championship
June 181:00 PM$100k NLH High Roller (Day 1)
June 195:00 PM$100k NLH High Roller (Day 2)
June 205:00 PM$1.5k Monster Stack
June 205:00 PM$100k NLH High Roller
June 215:00 PM$3k NLH Freezeout
June 221:00 PM$250k NLH Super High Roller (Day 2)
June 235:00 PM$250k NLH Super High Roller (Final Day)
June 235:00 PM$10k Super Turbo Bounty Freezeout
June 242:00 PM$50k Poker Players Championship (Day 2)
June 252:00 PM$50k Poker Players Championship (Day 3)
June 262:00 PM$50k Poker Players Championship (Day 4)
June 271:00 PM$1.5k Millionaire Maker
June 275:00 PM$50k Poker Players Championship (Final Day)
June 285:00 PM$5k Seniors High Roller
June 295:00 PM$10k PLO Hi-Lo Championship
June 305:00 PM$10k NL 2-7 Single Draw Championship
July 15:00 PM$1k Ladies Championship
July 21:00 PM$25k PLO High Roller
July 27:00 PM$400 Colossus
July 34:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 1A
July 44:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 1B
July 54:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 1C
July 64:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 1D
July 74:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 2A/B/C
July 84:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 2D
July 94:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 3
July 104:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 4
July 111:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 5 (Part 1)
July 119:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 5 (Part 2)
July 121:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 6 (Part 1)
July 129:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 6 (Part 2)
July 131:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 7 (Part 1)
July 139:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 7 (Part 2)
July 141:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 8 (Part 1)
July 149:00 PM$10k Main Event Day 8 (Part 2)
July 163:00 PM$10k Main Event Final Table (Part 1)
July 173:00 PM$10k Main Event Final Table (Part 2)

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500

PokerGO Releases WSOP 2024 Streaming Schedule (2024)


How can I watch WSOP 2024? ›

Watch the 2024 World Series of Poker live on PokerGO, where poker fans can find more than 300 hours of live coverage this summer. PokerGO's 2024 WSOP live coverage stars the prestigious WSOP Main Event, with daily broadcasts from July 3-17.

How can I watch PokerGO? ›

You can stream PokerGO on any web or mobile browser. You can also download PokerGO on all your favorite devices.

How much is PokerGO? ›

PokerGO offers a choice between three subscription plans: monthly $14.99, 3-month $29.99, and annual $99.99. All PokerGO subscription plans grant full access to all PokerGO video content.

What are the starting chips for WSOP? ›

  • 54th No-Limit Hold'em World Championship. ...
  • To register online or purchase WSOP Tournament Buy-In Credits, please visit:
  • 4.9% of total entry pool withheld for entry fees. ...
  • Starting Chips: 60,000. ...
  • Day 1A: July 3, 2023 (Monday): ...
  • Day 2D: July 8, 2023 (Saturday):

What is the code for WSOP 2024? ›

The 2024 World Series of Poker schedule is out NOW – Here's your chance to grab your seat! Make a deposit of $50+ with code WSOP2024 and you'll receive entry into an exclusive drawing that awards the winner with a 2024 $10,000 WSOP Main Event Seat.

What streaming service has WSOP? ›

World Series Of Poker Season Episodes - Watch on Paramount+

Can you get PokerGO on Roku? ›

PokerGO is available worldwide on all your favorite devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

What do you get with PokerGO subscription? ›

The content of PokerGO includes shows, tournament replays, and cash games. Other media includes episodes, live streams, and recap videos, and events that were streamed live become on-demand videos afterward.

Does PokerGO have an app? ›

LIVE STREAM POKER ON THE GO WITH THE POKERGO APP! Watch on your smart TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and computer with PokerGO. Sign-up, install the app, AND start streaming poker with PokerGO today!

What is the average poker buy-in? ›

Keep in mind that 100 big blinds is a pretty standard buy-in for all cash games, no matter what the blind levels. Manysolid poker players buy in for 100 big blinds, no matter what the maximum buy-in.

How do you get chips fast in WSOP? ›

Some of the ways to do this include:
  1. Free Chips Every Four Hours: By logging into the WSOP app, you can receive free chips every four hours. ...
  2. Introductory Rewards Bonus: New players can receive a welcome bonus of free chips when they join the WSOP social app.
Feb 22, 2023

How much money do you need for WSOP? ›

Each event has its buy-in, with the lowest one being relatively affordable- that's the $400 Colossus. The highlight of the whole tournament (as the name implies) is the Main Event, with a buy-in of $10,000. The contest which needs the highest amount to enter this year is the Super High Roller at $250,000.

Does WSOP allow chops? ›

The story behind it is simple. My opponent, Allan Kwong, and I took an impromptu break to talk about a chop. The WSOP doesn't allow chopping, but many players strike deals behind the scenes.

Is WSOP no longer on ESPN? ›

LAS VEGAS -- The World Series of Poker is moving from ESPN to CBS Sports. CBS and PokerGO announced Monday that the CBS Sports Network will be the home of World Series of Poker events, including 15 hours of the main event competition, which will take place in November in Las Vegas.

Will the WSOP be televised? ›

CBS Sports Network and PokerGO, the exclusive streaming partner of the World Series of Poker, are set to deliver coverage around the tournament action with nine days of livestreamed coverage and three post-produced TV episodes with commentary from legendary poker analysts Lon McEachern and Norman Chad.

Will WSOP be on ESPN? ›

The WSOP is leaving ESPN as they have struck a new multi-year rights agreement with CBS Sports.

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