Moment Teen Mom's Leah storms out crying from party after mom Amber hurls insult (2024)

TEEN Mom Amber Portwood has left her daughter, Leah, in tears during the teenager's birthday celebration.

The incident happened on Thursday's episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.




Amber, 34, joined Leah, her father Gary Shirley, 37, and stepmother Kristina, 37, for dinner at a restaurant to ring in their daughter's 15th birthday.

However, things didn't go smoothly, as Amber ended up in a heated argument with her ex.

The fight started with Gary getting upset with Amber for not being on time for the party.

It escalated with the pair throwing jabs at one another, leaving Leah, who was sitting between them, in the crossfire.

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Moment Teen Mom's Leah storms out crying from party after mom Amber hurls insult (5)
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Leah's parents' bickering ended up making the teen cry as she begged them to "stop."

Gary apologized to his daughter after seeing her clearly getting emotional and hiding her face from view.


Amber, who initially didn't notice Leah's waterworks, snapped at Gary for saying sorry, though then tried to comfort the high school student by placing her hand on her back.

Leah eventually asked to be excused from the table and Kristina escorted her to the bathroom.

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The teen was heard crying from outside the restroom door, saying she didn't want to open her presents anymore.

Gary then gathered her birthday gifts and the family walked out, while Amber stayed back, reflecting on the moment to the cameras.

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The reality star cried that the incident might have alienated her from her daughter further, making it harder for the duo to repair their relationship.

After the clip was shared on a Teen Mom fan page, many shared their thoughts in the comments.

"This is so sad to watch. This was suppose to be a birthday dinner," one person wrote.

"Amber saying “what are you saying sorry for?” ITS HER BIRTHDAY DINNER AND YOURE MAKING HER CRY," said another.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Cast

In September 2022, MTV blended their long-running shows Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 to one series following the young mothers' experiences raising their kids and co-parenting with their baby dads. Here's a list of the entire Teen Mom: The Next Chapter cast.

  • Briana DeJesus - Teen Mom 2
  • Cheyenne Floyd - Teen Mom OG
  • Leah Messer - Teen Mom 2
  • Amber Portwood - Teen Mom OG
  • Maci Bookout - Teen Mom OG
  • Catelynn Lowell - Teen Mom OG
  • Ashley Jones - Teen Mom 2
  • Jade Cline - Teen Mom 2
  • Mackenzie McKee - Teen Mom 3 & Teen Mom OG

"Also, after Leah says 'both of you need to stop,' Amber saying 'honey, I’m fine.' ITS NOT ABOUT YOU," remarked a third.

"Amber will forever play the freaking victim! She just is so out of touch with reality," added a fourth.

Fans have watched Amber and Gary's tense relationship play out on MTV's 16 & Pregnant, and its spinoff series, Teen Mom OG.

Leah is their only child together, and Gary has primary custody.

Amber has struggled to get closer to Leah due to being absent for a portion of her daughter's life when she was in prison.

The TV personality spent 17 months behind bars after pleading guilty to domestic battery.


After being released for good behavior, Amber opened up to In Touch about being incarcerated.

"Before prison, I never thought about Leah. I was addicted to drugs and didn’t care about anything else. Prison saved my life — and gave me a second chance at being a mother," the mom-of-two said.

She has since been trying to reconnect with her daughter, which even Leah admitted has been difficult.

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Moment Teen Mom's Leah storms out crying from party after mom Amber hurls insult (10)
Moment Teen Mom's Leah storms out crying from party after mom Amber hurls insult (11)
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Amber's parenting challenges don't only involve Leah, but also her five-year-old son, James, whom she lost custody of in July 2022 to her ex, Andrew Glennon, 39.

Andrew has since moved with James to California and Amber frequently flies out to see her son.


Moment Teen Mom's Leah storms out crying from party after mom Amber hurls insult (2024)


Moment Teen Mom's Leah storms out crying from party after mom Amber hurls insult? ›


What happened between Amber and Leah? ›

Her relationship with Leah, meanwhile, has been strained over the years due to Portwood's substance abuse issues, mental health problems and previous prison time.

Did Amber go to Leah's birthday? ›

In the Thursday, June 6th episode of The Next Chapter, it was Amber's daughter, Leah's 15th birthday. Amber met up with her ex, Gary Shirley, his wife, Kristina, and the birthday girl, Leah. She was late to the birthday party as she has a habit of never being on time.

Is Amber's dad still alive? ›

Amber Leann Portwood is the daughter of Tonya and Shawn Edwin Portwood Sr. (1964–2014).

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